ICA | Gemlab Special Report


Provides all of the information included in The Identification Origin Report in a ICA | Gemlab portfolio with an Identification Origin secured authorized card, and flash drive with 360° video of the gem. In addition, an appendix showing the gemologist’s special comments is also included. ICA | Gemlab reserves the right to issue the Special Report at its sole discretion.


*Please Note*

ICA | Gemlab Special Identification Report will only be ready by January 2018, If you have a requests with this Special Report, please email us at

| info@localhost |

  • Type

    Weight carats


    * ID Report

    ** Origin Report

    Delivery Time


All local customers are able to submit the gemstones directly at

ICA | Gemlab Bangkok office | working hours 09.00am to 18.00pm


Silom, Bangkok, Thailand  area only

(Sponsored by Malca-Amit Bangkok)

Free shipping return within value 20,000 USD per shipment

Minimum Submission is only one stone with origin


You may email us for  international shipping | info@localhost

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