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Where Tanzanites are found


While other gems date back thousands of years, adorned by ancient civilizations and embedded in lore of magical powers and mystifying supernatural abilities – the tanzanite is a relatively recent discovery.

Being among the youngest of the gemstones without any real ties to religion or mythical admiration, tanzanite has potential and at times, can rival the Big 3. When Tiffany & Company introduced tanzanite to the world in 1968, they had positive aspirations for the stone. Little did they know that it’d be this successful.


Tanzanite is a member of the epidote family and is the blue to violet blue variety of the mineral zoisite, made up of calcium aluminum silicate. The name comes from the country Tanzania, the location in which the gemstone was discovered. Home to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro that sits atop the earth, the beauty of tanzanite rests underneath.


The deepest shade, indigo, is the combination of violet and pure blue rays which bring wisdom, truth, dignity and spiritual mastery. The tanzanite is attached to judgement and longevity while promoting introspection and profound wisdom.

This gemstone is closely associated with healing and balancing energy; stimulating the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye and Crown Chakras – bringing the higher mind to be enlightened with intuition and communication in becoming one of both mind and body. It is in this that the tanzanite is used in the exploration of psychic powers and clairvoyance.

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