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ICA | Gemlab offers Spinel Gem Verification

ICA  | Gemlab in Thailand offers spinel gem verification and origin reports that can be used to determine the authenticity of your spinel. But what is a spinel?

Most of those who are at all fashion-conscious have seen the stones on numerous occasions. They come in a variety of colors and can be anywhere from transparent to opaque. They’ve been mined for ages, but have recently enjoyed a surge in their popularity in the past twenty years or so.

Spinel was long ago considered to be a ruby, as the two stones are closely related in their chemical and mineral makeup. In fact, rose-tinted spinels were known as ‘Balas rubies’ in the past. It wasn’t until after the 18th century that a difference between the two stones was identified and the word ‘spinel‘ was adopted to differentiate it from the ruby. The term Balas ruby came to be considered a misleading term and was dropped from the vernacular.

Where are Spinels Found?

Central-southern Asia in regions like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Tajikstan, and Myanmar were the first areas where the stone was discovered. As their popularity as gemstones increased over the years, they have also been found in Vietnam, the island of Madagascar and the African countries of Kenya and Tanzania.

Canada has been the latest country to report the discovery of the stones. The Canadaian bright blue stones were discovered on Baffin Island, south of Greenland, in 2018.

Testing and Certification Reports

The popularity surge in the stones over the recent past combined with the wide availability of synthetic spinel used in the manufacture of cheap jewelry has intensified the need for accurate testing and certification reports attesting to the spinel’s purity and authenticity.

ICA | Gemlab can perform testing specifically aimed at discovering a spinels origin, it’s color grade and whether any treatments were performed on the gemstone.

With the natural beauty of the stones preserved by the lack of treatment, these natural stones are more valuable than treated, or synthetic spinel. The relatively modest prices charged for these beautiful gemstones make them increasingly popular among jewelry manufacturers and the public.

Their prices may be modest in comparison to some other colored stones. But it’s still worth knowing whether or not you own a genuine stone as they do have a marketable value.

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