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ICA | Gemlab Provides Padparascha Sapphire Verification Reports

We provide verification reports from our laboratory in Thailand for the world’s rarest sapphire, the padparascha. This pinkish-orange colored sapphire from Sri Lanka is also the most valuable sapphire in the world, owing to its rarity as well as its delicate and unique color.

Although the padparascha is known as a Sri Lankan product, they have also been found in Vietnam, Madagascar, and Tanzania. The stones coming from these three areas are often heat-treated, and there is an ongoing dispute whether they can even be considered to be padparaschas at all.

One of the World’s Most Valuable Stones

Most padparascha sapphires are less than two carats in weight, making these miniature wonders some of the highest-priced stones in the world. There is a one-hundred-carat padparascha on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, but this is the rarest example of an uncommonly rare stone. 

Some stones can command up to US $30,000 per carat. But prices can vary widely depending on the individual stone. High-quality stones will have an even, delicate color of pink and orange. Some natural Tanzanian stones that are advertised as being padparaschas will have a darker color with brown overtones when compared to a high-quality stone from Sri Lanka.

Need for Reliable Verification Reports

Because of all the controversy swirling around stones from other areas of the world, there is a need for accurate verification reports that provide reliable information as to the origin, and color-grade of these valuable stones. These reports will inform the dealers whether the stone has undergone any sort of treatment that may lessen its value in the marketplace.

ICA | Gemlab has the experience and technological equipment to make an accurate and reliable assessment of any padparascha sapphire submitted to its laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you’re considering buying one of these beautiful, rare and valuable stones, consider having it tested by ICA | Gemlab as well to ensure you’re getting what is being advertised.

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