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Travel Card

If you often find yourself traveling the world with your precious gemstones, then you must know what it’s like to carry stacks of gemstone reports and certifications. While certifications from a reputable laboratory are crucial to everyone in the jewelry and gemstone industry, it may not be the most convenient. Wrinkles, tears, and creases – not to mention how long it takes to dig through the entire pile to find the right report – are the struggles that one may have to face. Those who want a handy, portable report for their gemstones, ICA | GemLab’s Travel Card is the right product for you.

With a high definition photo of your precious stone plastered on the front, the Travel Card is a compact credit-card sized identification report that easily fits into your wallet. Printed on thick plastic, there is just enough flex on the card to prevent it from snapping. Information such as the species, variety, weight, dimensions, cut, shape and color are accurately detailed on the back of the Travel Card. It also features a unique QR code and report number as well as a checklist of advanced instruments used to test your gemstone. The detection of treatments and enhancements will incur an additional fee.

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