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Premium Report

Encased in a lush trifold leather folder, the Premium Report is a four-page report containing information that caters specifically to your gemstone or jewelry set. A large blow-up photo in top-quality resolution rests between a factsheet and an article on your item. The effective partition of results in a stylish and sophisticated design while preventing clusters of information. Written in the format of a lifestyle article, the 400 to 600-word customizable report delves into the background of your stone or jewelry set. We provide information on mythical and religious associations, the origin and deposit, as well as any other unique facts attributed to that particular item. The goal is to introduce the stone showcasing its scarcity and extraordinary story.

Attached to the article is the technical information page. It contains microphotography displaying distinct inclusions found within the gemstone, chemical fingerprinting and the stone’s UV-Vis-NIR absorption spectrum. The Premium Report is customizable and plays to the strengths of your gemstone or jewelry sets. Each colored gemstone is unique in its own right, and therefore no two reports are ever the same.

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