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Origin Report

Knowing the origin of your stone can go a long way in terms of market prices. If you’ve recently got your hands on an exquisite colored gemstone but don’t know where it was sourced from, send them our way and we’ll issue an Origin Report for you.

The Origin Report is a thorough bifold report that goes one step further by providing information on a gemstone’s origin. Our advanced technology and gemologist’s expertise enable us to determine more than 40 geographical deposits. With the comprehensive database we have built over the years, each colored stone is crosschecked, then an origin is determined by identifying distinctive inclusion qualities. In addition, a high-quality photo of your gemstone is provided alongside a QR verification code and holographic ICA | GemLab certification sticker.

Sleek and elegant, everything is printed using the UV Printing method on a high-quality laminated paper. Once complete and dried, the report is inserted into a see-through sleeve to increase durability and then slipped into a thick plastic envelope for maximum protection.

The same services offered in the standard Identification Report are included within the Origin report.

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