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Dragon Report

Every gemstone collector will own a couple stones in their safe they cherish dearly. Whether it’s a pigeon blood ruby, or a Paraiba tourmaline, these precious gems deserve the limelight.

The highlight of the Dragon Report is a hardback monograph surrounding your gemstone comprising over 6,000 words. It is a compendium of knowledge home to content including origin deposit, sociology, history, mythology, gemology, chemistry, microphotography and much more. Flipping through the pages, a photo spread of inclusions, spectrographs, and gemstone photography captures the beauty of your stone from all perspectives, bestowing it visual immortality. The monograph tells the story of your stone.

Sequestered inside a plush blue suitcase of grandeur is the monograph, a jewelry box, and a small box accommodating a travel card. Luxuriously-designed, two sturdy locks rest on the suitcase providing maximum security. The three-dial lock ensures that the Dragon Report’s components stay secured during times of travel.

The Dragon Report is the epitome of elegance that takes your gemstone to the next level. It combines convenience, luxury, and portability inside one extravagance suitcase. Fashionable and educational, it is the perfect way to stand out from the rest.

Those who would only like to purchase the monograph on its own can contact our sales team and we would be more than delighted to assist you in this regard.

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