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ICA I GemLab AGTA Tucson Show Booth 59 come visit us.

AGTA GemFair™ Tucson is internationally regarded as the premier trade show for color. AGTA trade shows are the ultimate destination for quality, beauty, and integrity in the world of colored gemstones and cultured pearls.

very item, from the smallest gemstone to the finest finished jewelry design, is backed by the industry’s strongest Code of Ethics and Business Practices, and is offered by the industry’s most trusted professionals. Shop with comfort and confidence from AGTA Member suppliers who annually commit to the most stringent Code of Ethics and Business Practices in the industry.

Our symbol represents our excellence

ICA | GemLab are experts in the Origin determination and treatment detection of colored gemstones. Our expertise comes f rom our unique ability to combine the knowledge of renowned gemologists with the latest technology available to inspect and identify your gemstone.

Our experienced gemologists have a full understanding of the different gemological characteristics of the gemstones and their origin. This is especially relevant in today’s gemstones market with customers from around the world demanding a clear information about the colored gemstones they acquire and sell.

As a lab, we pride ourselves on our report accuracy, efficient service, and excellent standards of testing.

ICA | GemLab operates in affiliation with the International ColoredGemstone Association (ICA), which is the only worldwide body specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry.

Our Report Types

At every step of the gemological process the highest levels of care and security are taken. We take detailed observations of your gemstone and each one is inspected by at least three gemologists. Our gemologists carefully assess and interpret the data collected to plot a high degree of accuracy for the Color grade, Treatment, and Origin.

Origin Report

The Origin Report assesses the authenticity of gemstones, identifies whether they have undergone any treatment (e.g. heating), specifies origin where the gemstones come f rom and determines their trade color whenever possible.


The Identification Report assesses the authenticity of gemstones, identifies whether they have undergone any treatment (e.g., heating), and determines their trade color whenever possible.

Our Report Process

At every step of the gemological process, the highest levels of care and security are taken.

On Origin determination

In order to enable a geographic origin determination, the interpretation of the mineralogical and gemological properties collected during the testing is key information.

This information allows our gemologists to perform a data correlation of the collected data f rom the client’s gemstone with our vast database, narrowing down the specific gem bearing localities around the world.

About Color

ICA | GemLab adheres to an ethical approach to color, this at times can be stricter then other laboratories, the reasoning behind this is, when the end consumer purchases their gemstone or jewelry piece accompanying our report in a retail environment, they can have the confidence and assurance that the information presented in the document is accurate. ICA | GemLab uses trade colors/names where deemed relevant and in-line with the standards set by our color masters.

Color grading at ICA | GemLab is based on color masters carefully prepared to cover colors and saturations.

Gemstones that we test

ICA | GemLab tests a wide range of gemstones as we have the database and reference collection to ensure that our gemological processes remain consistently high across all the different varieties of gemstones available in the market.

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