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What makes us special?

Global Reach

ICA GemLab is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand – strategically placed to offer services from one of the world’s major gemstone hubs.


ICA | GemLab operates in affiliation with the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA).


A combination of advanced instruments with the expertise our team allows for an accurate and ethical gemstone identification process.

Ethics in Gemology

By working in an ethical and honest way, we prioritize the fair treatment of our collaborators and customers. The opinions expressed in our reports are of the highest accuracy.


It is our responsibility to maintain the highest gemological standards. By setting goals and milestones, we promise to better serve our customers as well as the gemstone and jewelry industry as a whole.



By using our services, you are trusting us with your precious gemstones. We do not take this lightly and we will strive to produce accurate, ethical, and transparent services to all customers.

On Origin determination

In order to determine the origin of a gemstone, the mineralogical and gemological properties collected during the testing is vital information.

Our gemologists take this data to compare it with our vast database, narrowing down the specific gem bearing localities around the world

About Color

ICA | GemLab adheres to an ethical approach to color, stricter than other laboratories at times. We want our customers to have the confidence and assurance that the information presented in their document is accurate.

ICA | GemLab uses trade colors/names where deemed relevant and in-line with the standards set by our color masters.

Color grading at ICA | GemLab is based on color masters carefully prepared to cover colors and saturations.

Our Report Process

Throughout the entire gemological process, we maintain the highest levels of security and manage your stone with the utmost care.

Our Report Types

Throughout the entire gemological process, we maintain the highest levels of security and manage your stone with the utmost care. Our team takes detailed observations of your gemstone and each one is inspected by at least three different gemologists to ensure that they are no errors. They carefully assess and interpret data collected to produce the most accurate information in regards to the color grade, treatment, and origin of your gemstone.

Origin Report


Premium Report

Monograph Report

Gemstones that we test

At ICA | GemLab, we believe that every gemstone has its own story – a story worth sharing.

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