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GAMMA Vol. 2 Issue 2

Photomicrograph of an included crystal and its colourful tension halos seen within a FURA ruby from Mozambique.

In this issue of GAMMA, you will find a wealth of information about rubies and emeralds in particular.. A relatively unknown deposit of emerald in Niger is
described and the gemmological details of the emeralds produced there. These are truly fascinating emeralds where we teased our Instagram readers one year ago by showing the inclusions present and asking readers if they know where such gems came from, well the answer in Niger.

GAMMA Vol. 2 Issue 1

Mr. Sammuang Kaewen who was regarded as the father of corundum heating in Thailand.

You will read about GEMFAIR, a program that is bringing diamonds from artisanal sources to market in a formal, ethical, and sustainable way. Your will meet Ami Doshi who believes that the home or context of jewellery is the human body, the most poignant storyteller of all. Jewellery as an adornment is our way of telling the world… “this is who I am, what I stand for or simply…my identity”. You will meet Thai entrepreneur Proud Limpongpan of Ennovie, a forward-thinking jewellery manufacturing company based in Thailand, who are working on a sustainability report so that clients are proud to tell their customers they produce with them in Thailand and that the jewellery production at Ennovie causes the least carbon emission possible.

GAMMA Vol. 1 Issue 4

The Zimbaqua mine has a wide range of gemstones and mineral deposits, here is one of the Zimbaqua women with a big piece of Smokey Quartz.

In this issue of GAMMA, you will find a wealth of information under the headings, “Around the Trade”, “Gemmology” and “Domestic Notes”.  You will read about an emerging and currently popular colour in sapphires of how the women are making a significant mark in gemstone mining in Africa, an interview with jewellery designer Carina Hardy who is taking an unusual and indeed unique approach to women’s jewellery design, the last days of the Argyle diamond mine, the meanings behind gemstone weights and measures and the proper application, fascinating inclusions and other data on  emeralds from Zambia and great pointers towards identifying heat treatment in sapphires.

GAMMA Vol. 1 Issue 3

Cover picture – Carving in Coral depicting John Wayne the
American actor famous, amongst other roles, for his wild west movies.
On display in the Liverino Coral Museum in Torre del Greco

GAMMA Vol. 1 Issue: 3 is now ready for PDF download or flip book viewing (link in bio).  This issue includes Covid Conversations by Richa Goyal Sikri, where she has penned the ‘Covid feelings’ of traders around the globe. Vincent Pardieu recounts his experiences with educational webinars over these past few months and Rui Galopim De Carvalho discusses and educates us on the subjects of biogenic gems and CITES.   A field trip to the unique Matsumoto Cultured Pearl Farm is described by Ken Scarratt and Dale Allyn discusses the advantages of FileMaker Pro in the development of laboratory control systems. The fascination and understanding of amber is the subject of a well-illustrated article written be Ken Scarratt and Muzdareefah Thudsanapbunya, and Dr. Supharart Sangsawong describes the identifying features of synthetic malachite, beryllium diffused synthetic sapphire, Chatham synthetic sapphire and a uniquely zoned emerald crystal. Ken Scarratt looks at precious coral and then details the identification features of the rare gem Villiaumite. 

GAMMA Vol. 1 Issue 2

On our cover we have a trapiche emerald entrusted to ICA |GemLab for research purposes.

In this issue we look into the colorful world of Garnets courtesy of Rui Galopim de Carvalho FGA DGA, the well- known Gem Education Consultant from Portugal – with photomicrographs of garnets from ICA | GemLab’s very own Muzdareefah Thudsanapbunya; Justin K Prim, Bangkok based teacher and gem cutter, explains the human perception of color and how it affects the way we view colored gemstones; and more.

GAMMA Vol. 1 Issue 1

ICA | GemLab is proud to present GAMMA, the ICA | GemLab Journal.

GAMMA is designed to provide informative gemological and industry related content. As a gemology and lifestyle journal, it will cover everything from industry technology, reports on research findings, and events and lifestyle articles surrounding the gem and jewelry world.

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